Anjuli Jacobs was a radiant child full of love and laughter. From a very early age she touched everyone with her compassion and love for others. A caring and sharing child, she believed in the power of hugs and kisses.

She was born healthy and strong. And yet, at age three after suffering headaches and balance problems for months, she was diagnosed with a deadly brainstem tumor in October 2000. With the help of medical teams from both Seattle Children’s and the University of Washington, as well as family and friends, she bravely fought a battle with cancer that inspired everyone. Although debilitated by this devastating disease, Anjuli never complained, and refused to let cancer dim the brightness of her light.

Though her cancer was terminal from the moment of diagnosis (brainstem cancer – the most deadly of all), we still tried everything to save her: a phase I clinical trial at Seattle Children’s, other chemos, radiation and even Compassionate Use of a new anti-cancer drug that held much promise. All failed Anjuli, and she died at age four because there was no cure for her disease.   

Brain tumors are the leading disease cause of death of children in the U.S. The kids, the ones who died, the ones who are fighting now, and the ones who will be diagnosed in the future, deserve our help. They deserve cures. Their families deserve cures.

Thank you for supporting the work of childhood brain tumor researchers.