In the Fall of 2017, 12 year old Roarke's eyes began to cross ever so slightly.  

When an ophthalmologist shined a light into his eyes, she suspected he was in trouble, his pupils were not properly dilating. That evening, after an emergency MRI at Seattle Children's Hospital, a mass was discovered in the very center of his brain. A brain tumor was putting pressure on his optic nerve, restricting the movement of his eyes. Within days he underwent a brain biopsy and was diagnosed with Pure Germinoma of the pineal gland. Roarke would spend the next 6 months undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, fighting for his life.

Today, Roarke has no evidence of disease and is ready to be an 8th grade kid again. He will rejoin his middle school cross country team, be active in school and have the life every 13 year old boy deserves. Thanks to the team of Neuro Oncologists and doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital.

roarke before.jpg