Eligh was diagnosed with a brain tumor June 8th 2010. Due to the size of the tumor (size of a golf ball), the only option was to have it removed. His tumor was located in the cerebellum region in the lower back of the brain - its function is to coordinate voluntary muscle movements and to maintain posture, balance, and equilibrium.

Eligh went on to have Posterior Fossa Syndrome with Cerebellar Mutism and because of this, he had to learn how to move his body, swallow, eat and speak again.

We spent two months staying at Children's Hospital in the Rehab Unit. The team there, as well as family and friends, worked so hard each day to help him gain his strength back. Once home, we continued with numerous hours of therapy where he's made SO much progress throughout the years!

Seattle Children's Hospital will always be near and dear to our hearts because they took such great care of the sunshine of our lives. They are truly an amazing team! He is recovering like a champ thanks to his physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and endless support from family and friends! He has made HUGE progress throughout the years and we are so proud of him!

This year he will be a 5 year brain tumor survivor!